Thomas S.Y. Ho Ph.D – Founder

Ph.D, Mathematics University of Pennsylvania
Professor of Finance New York University Stern School of Business

Path Breaking Innovations

• Developed prepayment-default models for residential mortgage loans with FHFA (formerly OFHEO) and analyzed FNMA and FHLMC balance sheets.
• Created the first coupled prepayment default model for residential mortgages (2007): accepted and used by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).
• The first to introduce the arbitrage-free interest rate model (1986): The Ho-Lee model is a widely used approach for balance sheet valuation and risk management. The paper is ranked 17th of most cited papers in 20 years by Risk Magazine.
• Pioneered "Key Rate Durations" (1992): a standardized method of measuring interest rate risk.
Pioneered a methodology for fair value hedge accounting for complex structured bank products.

Business Accomplishments

• Founded and sold Global Advanced Technology (GAT) which had 200 global major institutional clients.
• Senior consultant to AIG Enterprise Risk Management overlooking interest rate risk for 300 companies.
• THC Risk OfficerTM ,an Asset-Liability Management model widely used: named one of the two ALM vendors of the 21st century Bank Asset/Liability Management A.S. Pratt, April 2014.

Regulatory Technology and Financial Technology Accomplishments

• Designated by the Office of Thrift Supervisions (OTS) to develop interest rate risk reports for over 800 banks.
• Sole provider of Net Portfolio Value risk reports to all OTS regulated banks and onsite examiners analytical system for OTS/OCC.
• Nominated to the US Financial-Economic Round Table.

Other Accomplishments

• Elected section committed member of the Financial Engineering Award.
• Named one of the most prolific authors in finance based on a study by Cooley and Heck, journal of Finance(2003).
• Interviewed and featured in Bloomberg magazine article.

Board Advisors


Gerd Stabbert

Former Managing Director of MetLife's Investment Department.
Managed $50 billion fixed income portfolio.
PH.D from New York University.

Arthur Hilliard

Past President of Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association,
former Vice President of FHLB Chicago and former Director of CastleOak Securities.

Sue Kranjc

Licensed inactive CPA
bank Board Director, former bank CFO
Oversaw $600m fixed income portfolio.

Mark Wainger

CTO of LatAm Structured Finance Engineer, LLC.,
Former CTO of, former Technical Director of Barra,
Vice President of Global Advanced Technology.
Degree from MIT (BS) and NYU (MS)

Senior Advisors