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THC Network

THC is the first to provide an Asset Liability Management (ALM) transactional Network with a loan platform for peer-to-peer loan sales and acquisitions as an integral part of ALM.

The Leader in Asset-Liability Management

Thomas Ho Company Ltd specializes in Asset Liability Management solutions for Banks and Credit Unions. We have been helping clients since 1987 with our valuation models to accurately and effective identify, measure, monitor and manage their risk. Our loan transactional network and financial models are used to develop and create strategies for managing risk and maximizing profit.

Asset-Liability Management

We believe that meeting regulatory expectations is not a functional silo, but rather a driver of risk management and profitability.

Loan Central

Buy and sell whole loans within our network to fit your ALCO needs

Leading ALM Solution Provider Serving Community Banks and Credit Unions

THC provides customized solution with state-of-the-art financial and system technologies to financial institutions by integrating research, consulting, analytics, system development and implementation capabilities. THC clients can benefit from solutions for trading as well as portfolio and balance sheet management.

We enable bank executives to perform strategy simulations with active market participants. The execution is enhanced with thecomprehensive ALM analytics of THC Network™ strategy simulations that can be thoughtfully implemented through the THC Network™ platform while talking regulatory guidelines into consideration.

Our contributions to Effective Asset-Liability Management

Named one of the two ALM vendors of the 21st century Bank As-set/Liability Management A.S Pratt, April 2014

Mortgage Model:

Thomas Ho(founder)

Selected sole provider of risk report:

Introduced the first market standard Interest Rate Model:
Ho-Lee Model

Introduced and authored Key Rate Duration, an interest rate risk model that manages over $14 trillion assets/liabilities. For more videos, please see our YouTube page at

Featured in Bloomberg Magazine 2008 as
"The Mathematical Modeler"

What our clients are saying...

"THC's services are designed to uncover opportunities. "

Jeff kosobucki Vice President Cental Savings, f.s.b.

"Effectively managing today's balance sheet demands evaluating a myriad of alternatives in order to create competitive advantages for Central Saving and its development team. THC's services are designed to uncover opportunities. Whether..."

Why Thomas Ho Company LTD

Balance Sheet Management

Cloud-based solutions
since 2006
  • Customized modeling with updates on a demand basis
  • Access the risk profiles of over 3,000 banks for competitive analysis
Timely ALCO Reporting for
Management Purpose
  • Monthly reporting capabilities
  • Pre-trade analysis to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Seamlessly test your budget for IRR compliance with board approved policies
  • Optimize balance sheet strategies
Regulatory Solutions
  • Ability to respond to regulatory requests on demand basis
  • Generate revised reports to determine the impact of assumption changes on model results

Loan Transactional Network

Liquidity And Efficiency
  • Loan Central:Seamless flow from Loan Tape to Transaction based on THC AI data mapping models and search engine from the extensive network of participants
Accurate Loan Pricing
leveraging Secondary Loan Market Pricing
  • THC cross market financial models consolidate network info flow to provide accurate pricing
Proactive Assistance
  • The Central:comprehensive financial analysis of banks and credit unions based on THC proprietary data and models enables the Central to send targeted Offer Sheets to 4,000 contacts

THC Risk Officer - Login
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