THC is a first ALM solution provider with a holistic approach to credit, interest rate, liquidity risk management that connects to secondary market participants within a single transactional network

Currently, community banks and credit unions originate and sell conforming whole loans primarily through Agency relationships. Our network provides a lower-cost source of liquidity for both conforming and non-conforming whole loan originations. Additionally, the network provides an inventory source for financial institutions experiencing low loan demand in their region.
A comprehensive ALM decision-support system with an integrated transactional network

Consolidate multiple vendor systems with ground-breaking financial technologies

  • Risk analysis and profitability related to financial reporting
  • Account level to enterprise performance analysis
  • Integrated credit, interest rate, and liquidity risk analysis for risk premium pricing and stress tests
  • Budgeting, investment portfolio management, and optimal loan pricing
  • Connection to secondary market participants


We believe that meeting regulatory expectations is not a functional silo but rather a driver of risk management and profitability



Members of our network can buy and sell loans to fit ALCO needs


30 years of pioneering research in Asset Liability Management modeling and model applications.
THC has been helping clients since 1987 to accurately and effectively identify, measure and manage risk, including interest rate, liquidity and credit risks in a holistic and consistent model.



Named one of the two ALM vendors of the 21st century Bank Asset/Liability Management A.S Pratt, April 2014

Mortgage Model:

Selected sole provider of risk report:

Introduced Ho-Le Model and authored Key Rate Durations. For more videos, please check our YouTube page.

Featured in Bloomberg Magazine 2008 as "The Mathematical Modeler"