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Welcome to the THC Financial Models Library.
This library is designed to promote the usage and better understanding of financial models.

All financial models are in Excel spreadsheet format, and can be downloaded, used free of charge, and distributed freely. These free excel spreadsheets are related to business finance, including valuations, cash flow models, forecasting, and fundamental analysis.

We hope that you can also contribute to the library of financial models by submitting your Excel model spreadsheet in the format consistent with our models. We maintain the right to reject your submission or suggest revisions of the models.We reserve the copyright of the Excel spreadsheet model. Interested in uploading your own models? Please send it to

Note: The site is not responsible for any errors in the models and copyright violation of any models submitted.

Guide to Financial Models

• Models are arranged from the basic to the complicated. Click on the model that you would like to use.

• Each model provides its own instructions. In general, the input date should be pasted in the marked area and the output data is provided in the marked area.

• Open a workbook from our local system. Save the Excel model spreadsheet(s) from the site to your local drive. Do not use the models on the site to do calculations, because the results cannot be saved in your local system for future use.

Basic Excel functions are used and some tips are given below

• Dragging is useful to increase the model size. For practical use, you may want to increase the number of periods of the model, and you should be able to drag the model to fit your needs.

• Solver can be found in the tool. Solver is used to solve for minimum or maximum output of a function or solving a set of equations. Enter the changing variable and specify the target cell to determine the solution. Make sure that you have loaded the solver in your tool section.

• Workbook can save several Excel model spreadsheets, so that you can do a portfolio analysis of different securities or derivatives. You can also develop macros on the workbook to automate your portfolio analysis.

• To assist the authors in developing the models and us in providing a better library, please provide us comments and suggestions to the site or each model

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Public Spreadsheets

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 Model Name  Size  
1 *Discounted Cash Flow Model 24.5KB gif
2 *Diversification Effect 412KB gif
3 *Capital Asset Pricing Model 277KB gif
4 *Capital Market Line 68KB gif
5 *Beta Model 38.5KB gif
6 *Dividend Discount Model 63.5KB gif
7 *Par/Spot Curve Conversion and Forward Rate/Price 164.5KB gif
8 *Bond Model (using fwd rates) 38KB gif
9 *Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model 497.5KB gif
10 *Put-Call Parity 180.5KB gif
11 *Cox-Ross-Rubinstein Model 204KB gif
12 *Greeks 480.5KB gif
13 *Litterman and Scheinkman Model 42KB gif
14 *American Stock Option Model 232.5KB gif
15 *Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model 154.5KB gif
16 *Vasicek Model 138KB gif
18 *Brennan-Schwartz Model 44.5KB gif
18 *Black-Derman-Toy Model (revised) 97.5KB gif
20 *Ho-Lee Model 114KB gif
21 *Extended Ho-Lee Model (revised) 59.5KB gif
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