Thomas Ho Company Ltd (THC) is a profitability and risk management solution supported by Asset Liability Management (ALM) analytics with a fully integrated loan transactional network.

Unique Capabilities. THC’s state-of-the-art proprietary financial technologies and models, along with access to market information from the Loan Desk, provides unparalleled value to clients.

Financial Models: option based cashflow, OAS, implied volatility curve, CECL, expected and unexpected credit loss, value and yield attributions, interest rate and credit risks coherently measured by effective duration, convexity, credit duration and convexity.

What-if simulation capabilities.

Coherent Comprehensive Solutions. Product functions include: comprehensive regulatory reports, loan profitability, daily market bond prices from trading desks, interactive loan, investment, and funding transactional simulations, budgeting, Fund Transfer Pricing (FTP), and Risk Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC). Efficient account level regulatory reporting with Smart Tool to prepare monthly/quarterly reports. Clients can have control over the entire ALM process.

Our Clients. Chosen as the sole provider of risk reporting by a Federal bank regulator; consulted on multiple projects with large financial institutions including FHLBs; major financial institutions adopted THC as a mission-critical growth platform; serve a network of many banks and credit unions.

History of Ground Breaking Innovations Since 1987, THC has provided ground breaking capital market innovations including the Ho-Lee interest rate model, Key Rate Duration, used in estimated $14 trillion asset management, the Dunsky-Ho prepayment-default model, credit durations and convexity, and Credit Retained Loans.

Business Mission

To enhance the performance of financial institutions and the capital market through research, innovation, and technology.
Our Services

What We Do

We deliver to financial institutions an ecosystem, built on research and academic excellence, that creates efficiency and liquidity and fosters transparent, informed and executable decision making.

30 years of Research

THC’s library of analytics was established in 1987 and is continually supported and enhanced by Thomas Ho Ph.D., founder/president, based on his research and business experience.

• The database includes quarterly or monthly information such as historical payments, performing a status, delinquency days and more.

• Proprietary research includes all the available regulatory CALL report data, including CRM / TFR data for thrift banks since 2004, to incorporate interest rate risk analysis. The research data also includes over ten years of loan back testing for banks, including both prepayment and loss default analysis.

• Extensive research has been completed on the large database of loan-level data accumulated over ten years. It covers nearly all loan types including construction, land, 1-4 family mortgages, 2nd mortgages, HELOCs, multi-family, CRE, farmland, agriculture, commercial, credit cards, auto, personal, and other consumer. The database also contains comprehensive market data collected since 2004, covering market loan rates, loan spreads, rate volatility, TBA prices, and loan secondary market prices from the THC Loan Desk. In sum, there are over 60 million loan records with market trend data for 15 years.

history of research