Jeff Kosobucki President Central Savings
Effectively managing today's balance sheet demands evaluating a myriad of alternatives in order to create competitive advantages for Central Savings and its development team.THC's services are designed to uncover opportunities. Whether assessing our existing ALM framework or systems of our Interest Rate Risk Review process, or participating in our ALCO meetings, Thomas Ho is committed to helping Central mitigate risk and build value.

Kerry E.Neff President Boonville Federal Savings
We have been continuously impressed with Dr. Ho and his staff since we become clients in 2012. The systems THC has implemented for us are vastly complex, yet present useful information to strategically plan for the future. I appreciate the interactive reports available on the web page for analysis and for board and regulatory purposes. I believe Dr. Ho is the foremost expert in financial analysis and look forward to many more years of work together.

Suzan D.Kranjc EVP Liberty Savings
The THC model is an extremely useful tool for us. Besides using this model for overall interest rate risk monitoring, we also use the THC mortgage analytics for pricing of loans we are considering buying. The model calculates a market price and provides all the components that comprise the purchase yield. It also allows us to adjust certain variables to see how the price would change under different assumptions. Then we run a pre-trade analysis to help us determine the optimal funding mix and see how the entire transaction will affect the overall balance sheet and earnings in different rate scenarios. These capabilities have enabled us to improve earnings while managing our interest rate risk. Additionally, the THC team is so helpful. We have access to President Tom Ho and his colleagues who are all very responsive and experts in this field. With their help we have been able to steer this banking ship in the right direction using the THC model as our compass!

John Gittings Chairman Keystone
"I said this is the best model I have ever seen"
Recently while attending a FHLB conference I overheard two bankers discussing ALM Models while they were in the pool. I walked over and introduced myself and asked if they were familiar with THC ALM model. I then told them it is the best ALM model I have ever seen. It is well designed to meet all regulatory requirements but if you use it to just do that then you are missing the best part of the model. I began in the late eighties working with ALM as a President of a small South Alabama Bank after the S&L Crisis. Back then you needed to know that is you were asset sensitive when rates went up you made more money and if you were liability sensitive you made less money in a rising rate environment. We did have models and even then they worked well. I have used many different models and often run simultaneous models for comparisons. I also installed the in-house Sendero model at one bank.
Today we upload ALL our data and add the assumptions. These are passed thru the model and you get your ALM results.THC offers many different reports in its Dashboard relating to ALM but along with all that you get Financial Simulation where you can see in real time what changes you might want to make be it investments, Loans, or deposits will do to your model not just individual reports like your investments. You immediately can see the results to EVE, NII, and NI.
From the Portal you have its Dashboard, Simulation Panel, all Parameter settings at your fingertips. You can make the changes yourself and even look at previous period models. I like to call it my crystal ball. I wish I had this product earlier in my career and could have fully used its power and dynamics. Best of all it is not a static model that you use and never changes. THC is in a constant state of adding modules that will ultimately cover completely all aspects of banking for both the small client and large client. Finally you have access to Tom Ho the creator and designer of the Model and I can assure you he returns all his calls. I would suggest you take some time and let Tom walk you thru the model particularly if you want an arms length model not being influenced by your Investment partners.

Randy Ford VP Heritage
Dr. Ho,
I want to thank you for the work you and your team at Thomas Ho Company ("THC") have done for us over the last 4 years. Using your models and reports, we have been able to identify, monitor and manage our level of Interest- Rate Risk. With our ownership structure and certain funding mechanisms, we had some very unique liquidity levers that you were able to adjust into your models and reflect the proper value of those unique funding sources.The value of your work became readily apparent to us two years ago after we had taken some actions that raised our interest-rate risk to a level that we realized we were not comfortable with. Under the direction of our Board of Directors and using your models, we were able to make changes in our investments and funding that reduced our IRR to levels acceptable to us.
The THC Simulator Portal on your website has been very beneficial and instrumental in assisting us with our investment decisions, both for acquisitions and dispositions of assets. When we had specific securities, within a few minutes of giving you the CUSIP,your team would have it loaded in our data allowing us to quickly model the changes it would have on our income,balance sheet and IRR.
I want to also let you know that both the quarterly IRR reports and the pre-purchase analyses were reviewed by our regulators during our safety and soundness exams. In each case, they were complimentary of the quality of work and analysis we had in our IRR management. The regulators recognized your name and reputation,and being a client of yours, gave us more credibility with the regulators in this area of the business.
Dr. Ho,I also have to mention that your personal attention to us in your quarterly phone calls to review our reports assisted us in learning more and understanding the reports in such a way as to make them more integral tools and more useful in managing our bank.
Thank you for all your help.

Bruce Boland, CFO, Brainerd Federal Savings Bank
THC Capital Markets helps us find variable rate Loan products (ARMS and HELOCS) to balance the fixed rate mortgage assets the people in our local market provide.  We have purchased a few Loan pools thru THC which helps us manage our balance sheets interest rate risk position.  Through THC we can efficiently model the loans we wish to purchase and know whether our balance sheet meets our IRR limits, determine appropriate funding for any purchase, as well as model the profitability of the purchase.

Lindsay Elizondo   AVP   Homestead Savings Bank
From analyzing interest-rate risk to liquidity stress testing and strategic planning, the Thomas Ho suite of products has been instrumental in the effective and efficient management of the Bank's balance sheet. The THC model also allows the user to evaluate investment and funding options to determine the balance sheet effect, immensely enhancing the decision-making process. Homestead recently utilized THC's Access Network to seek loan purchase opportunities. THC was active and engaged in the transaction until both parties were comfortable. The Company truly boasts a culture of exceptional customer service. Additionally, the solution is tailored to even the most novice technology user, as Tom and his staff are always prompt to address any concern and eager to instruct users to utilize the software to its fullest capacity. THC not only provides a software solution but also offers an invaluable partnership to the institutions it serves.

Katrina Stephens, CPA SVP/CFO   Cullman Savings Bank
THC models have been extremely helpful in providing insight and helping us manage our Interest Rate Risk. Tom Ho and his team are always available for questions and have been “hands on” in implementing new reports. For example, we have worked closely with THC with the CECL model which has helped us understand the standard and has provided us assurance that we will meet the regulatory requirements. We also enjoy utilizing the Trade Simulation to quickly model different scenarios and provide the potential outcomes to the Board. We appreciate the THC team and look forward to continuing working with them.

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